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Lizard Dawn


The planets, aligned.

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I think the best type of relationship is the one where you can trust the other person completly. No games, no mind trips, just honesty. You dont ever have to worry that your signifigant other will cheat on you because they give you them 100%. You dont have to think ‘their going to break up with me, I know it’. You wont have to get that gut wrenching feeling of ‘something is off…’. So my biggest turn on I suppose is honesty.

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How do you break up with someone you love?

I guess we won't be mature


Break ups are the worse. I’m sure if we do it won’t be easy like we told my family… Ha. Hell it hurts right now thinking about it. But it is displaying many signs that he doesn’t want this or to be with me… It isn’t me being crazy…. It’s me knowing what should be. I’m sorry that I was difficult at…


hahahahahahahah stop i love these

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